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How Long Does Shipping Take?

Q) How long does Shipping Take? A) This all depends on your location, however Shipping normally takes anywhere from 8-16 business days from the time your order has been processed. Some clients have received their order within just a few days after payment processing has completed. Payment processing takes 7 business days. (This excludes weekends) If you have placed a larger order, you may receive more than one package and more than one tracking number. If you have received only part of your order, please do not worry as the other part of your order will not be far behind. Please also understand that if an order is taking longer than expected, Please don't think we are ignoring you. This is usually because the warehouse may have run out of stock on a particular item, and they are just waiting for the next batch to come in. If we feel this is going to take longer than you should wait, we will notify you within the payment processing time and ask you if you would like to change the item for something else, or if you would rather have the refund. Some shoes may take a little longer, as many styles that are out of stock have to be custom made, and this may take an additional 3-7 days before they are shipped. Special Important notice: Any orders placed on, or after Jan 10 2017 can not be fulfilled/shipped due to overseas Holiday. Shipping will commence Feb 25th or maybe a bit longer for the shoes. You may still place your order to hold the merchandise until then. If you have placed an order within this time frame, and do not wish to wait the extra time, please notify our staff, so we can reimburse your account. We apologize for this inconvenience.